The Influence of Cannabis Culture on Travel

marijuana leaf

With the legalization of recreational marijuana winning on the ballots last week in Massachusetts, Maine, Nevada and California, many in the industry are asking what impact this will have on travel and tourism within those states. The answer may be found in research for those states that have already passed such laws.

Last year, MMGY released data from its quarterly¬†travelhorizons¬†study that indicates the net impact on consumers’ decision to travel to states with legalized cannabis use was minimal. While there are small segments of the active traveling population that see this aspect of a destination as a positive factor, there are just as many who view it negatively.

Read our news post for details regarding the report about travelers’ interest in the states of Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington. We’ll continue to monitor the impact of intent to travel on these states as well as those who have recently voted for marijuana reform and will release additional information in early 2017.