MMGY Global Rebrands Dana Point to Stand Out Amongst Its Surrounding Destinations

MMGY Global was hired to reveal the true identity of California’s highly underrated surf town, Dana Point. Dana Point has been almost anonymous because of being outshined by its lavish neighbors in Orange County, such as Laguna Beach and Newport Beach. According to Visit Dana Point’s executive director, Johnny Westom, hiring MMGY Global was the beginning of “a rebranding exercise” that will help separate Dana Point from other destinations.

MMGY Global’s EVP and Chief Creative Officer, Stewart Colovin, has been the lead on this rebranding project.

“You have to understand the waters in which you are swimming,” Colovin said. “To find the essence of a place, we first go and talk to everybody we can in a destination. That’s because the brand has to start at home so that visitors can ultimately connect with locals.”  

In the crowded California luxury marketplace, Colovin is focused on exploiting Dana Point’s laid-back and down-to-earth environment. MMGY Global spoke with locals and did a study of visitors – actual and potential – to develop a brand architecture for Dana Point around brand essence, brand values, brand experiences and brand voice.

The overall brand promise will be used in everything from a new tagline and logo to advertising and marketing campaigns.

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