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Following our successful launch of the new and award-winning website, Destination DC committed to ongoing optimization of the website’s user experience and content marketing initiatives to drive brand experience. In order to further these objectives, Destination DC decided to employ website personalization as an additional layer to its existing technology stack. Through website personalization, our goal was to create opportunities for one-to-one connections based on users’ known preferences and behaviors.


We began with research including in-depth analysis of website performance using Google Analytics and benchmarking personalization KPIs. Then we defined audience segments and developed a bottom-to-top funnel strategy broken into phases, including goal conversion, brand engagement and awareness. Once implemented, the campaign employed the following tactics:

  • A/B testing of creative versions, color variations, copy, photos and CTAs
  • Modal overlays promoting the spring landing page, summer landing page, visitors guide and DC Insider newsletter
  • Behavior-triggered banners to address lead abandonment for the visitors guide and DC Insider newsletter
  • Fly-in content on top-tier pages, seasonal landing pages and neighborhood pages
  • Personalized, geo-targeted headlines on seasonal articles
  • Neighborhoods

    The Neighborhoods section of the website was designed to bring awareness to the various regions and neighborhoods throughout the city.

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  • A Better User Experience

    Through personalization we're able to educate travelers on each specific neighborhood's vibe and attitude, transportation tips and local insights.

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  • 371% increase traffic to landing pages
  • 1,066% goal conversion rate increase
  • 25% increase in overall site pageviews
  • 6% decrease overall site bounce rate
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