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Cleveland is The Land for Life

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    Cleveland Is The Land for Life

    At one point, Cleveland was a punchline. In 2014, MMGY launched a campaign that embraced the underdog mentality. “Never popular. Never meant to be.” The award-winning campaign made Clevelanders part of the brand and gave the city a bold attitude.

    Over the last eight years, the story of Cleveland has changed. Since the campaign launch, the city has hosted all-star games, political conventions and championship parades. We’ve got no time for the jokes and no interest in being defensive.

    We took control of the narrative by embracing what people love about Cleveland. We tapped into the city’s die-hard loyalty and pride. And we built a campaign that turns a local nickname into a national identity.

    The Vibe

    Dancer busting moves in front of "The Land for Life"

    four images depicting the overall edgy vide of the new brand.

    A sample of four outdoor advertisements that Cleveland could use. Four samples of what an advertisement for Cleveland could look like. A sample of some really nice social media posts. They are very cool. Posters of various cool people in Cleveland with "The Land" in various fonts

    The Land For Life painted on the side of a building in beautiful, huge letters

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