Grotta Giusti

Making Hot Yoga Cool

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      The historic Grotta Giusti, a Tuscan hotel and spa dating back to 1849, needed new and fresh creative ideas to connect with modern travelers. They especially wanted to showcase their unique underground thermal cave built around a spectacular natural thermal spring, which dates back 130 million years, with an extensive underground cave system and lake. Known as the Grotto, this cave system has water rich in salt, sulfate and alkaline earth – all at a toasty 34 degrees C (93 degrees F). The vapors generate a steam bath that’s good for the respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems. Our team at Grifco knew we could leverage the Grotto to create an experience unlike any other.



      With all the benefits the Grotto provides, we knew a wellness-based solution would be a hit. Yoga is always an attention-grabber for media, but typical packages like paddleboard yoga have become stale. We helped Grotta Giusti introduce thermal yoga and underground diving programs in the caves, revitalizing their wellness offerings and garnering media attention.


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