travelhorizons™ is the only forward-viewing national survey of the future leisure travel intentions of Americans. Conducted every 90 days since March 2007, this survey learns about traveler habits and measures their future travel intentions while looking through the lens of emerging economic, social and political development. A portion of the survey is amended each wave in order to address current events (e.g., natural disasters, travel ban, the opening of Cuba to American travelers).

The report answers such questions as: What is the leisure travel outlook for the next six months and how does it compare with the outlook at the same time last year? How do leisure travel intentions vary by lifestyles, demography, media habits and travel behavior? What factors or current events are impacting future leisure travel?

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  • travelhorizons™ - $795
  • travelhorizons™ Four Quarters (Purchase all four quarters of the report at a discounted price. Buy three, get one free.) - $2,385

Sponsorship Opportunities

Each year, travel brands across the globe invest in travelhorizons™ as a tool for understanding the industry climate and predicting sentiment for their own travel organizations and destinations. Sponsorship of this quarterly study provides organizations:

  • The ability to ask up to six proprietary questions to meet specific research requirements in all four quarterly surveys
  • The opportunity to sponsor pre-release of national top-line data within 48 hours of receipt of quarterly data
  • Results within two weeks of the end of the survey period
  • One standard banner report and one custom banner report based on defined criteria
  • Raw data as a labeled SPSS file to enable additional analysis
  • Electronic copies of the four quarterly travelhorizons™ reports with a national perspective and an analysis of sponsor questions
  • Copies of all MMGY Global press releases
  • Input into special topic questions

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