Terminal Audience Segmentation and Modeling

Have you ever wondered…

How do I make better use of my data?
How do I reach customers in a more personalized way?
How do I know if what I am doing is actually working?

To help our clients answer these questions, we developed a best-in-class solution designed to help answer some of the greatest challenges in marketing.

Terminal is the travel industry’s most sophisticated audience modeling and segmentation solution, powering the efficient identification, targeting and conversion of a client’s best prospects into profitable customers.

Terminal is built to efficiently consolidate, enrich and organize data from first–, second–and third–party sources into actionable and addressable audience segments. These segments start as profiles developed from client data – data that is then enriched with over 1,100 variables from Experian’s ConsumerView database, and then further defined with modeled known traveler behavioral data via an overlay of DK Shifflet’s syndicated research respondents.

Through this process, we uncover rich details about the travel patterns, lifestyles, interests, motivations and household media consumption habits of your best current and future visitor – a future visitor that we can addressably target and reach.

Uncovering these rich and customized traveler segments not only helps our clients better understand who their visitors are and where they are, but also guides them on how to speak to and connect with them. This, in turn empowers the development of highly relevant and personalized advertising assets.

Terminal affords the savvy marketer the opportunity to create focused and direct marketing initiatives that only reach the best, and most qualified, prospects. Essentially, Terminal lets us cut through the cluttered and expensive digital landscape and get straight to seeing our marketing investments work harder and faster at driving greater returns.

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