MMGY Global Rebrands Nonprofit Organization Tourism Cares

World leading travel, tourism and hospitality company develops new branding strategy for the travel industry’s leader in sustainability


KANSAS CITY, MO – (July 28, 2021) – MMGY Global is pleased to announce a rebranding partnership with Tourism Cares. With a vision to create a more sustainable future for travel to further support communities and destinations across the globe, MMGY Global reenvisioned the nonprofit organization’s brand platform and helped reposition its role in the travel and tourism industry.

With responsible tourism at its core, Tourism Cares’ revamped brand platform aims to guide travel professionals and travelers alike to consider decisions that tie into sustainable practices that directly benefit and preserve local communities, culture and biodiversity. Through their partnership, MMGY Global rebranded and elevated the nonprofit organization’s current messaging surrounding sustainable travel and tourism, illuminating what it truly means and why it is more important than ever as the world shifts from the global pandemic.

“We are excited to announce the rebranding of Tourism Cares, an organization with a vision to positively impact the people and places of travel,” said Greg Takehara, CEO of Tourism Cares. “Tourism Cares’ new branding and messaging aims to entice professionals and travelers alike to understand, relate and take part in the movement that is sustainable travel and tourism. This rebrand is a significant initiative for Tourism Cares as the organization continues to provide the tools and resources to create the foundation for new models of tourism. We greatly appreciate the partnership of MMGY Global in accomplishing this initiative.

MMGY Global’s rebranding strategy for Tourism Cares, which includes a newly designed logo, is centered on a call to action to “Go Somewhere Good.” Tourism Cares strives for the long-term survival of travel, and “Go Somewhere Good” aims to convey that to the industry. MMGY Global’s work for the nonprofit organization’s brand platform addresses the sustainability challenges that the industry faces, with the overall goal of uniting the industry and advancing its positive impact to help people and places thrive.

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