Connecting With a Younger Traveler Across Social Media

Brandon Billings, VP of Social Media and Content Strategy, was asked to write an article on how hotels can better connect with Millennials and Generation Z through social media. In this article, he gives us his insights on younger travelers and how they look to social media platforms rather than traditional advertising for inspiration and entertainment.

“Social media is one of the biggest influencers of travel for Generation Z and Millennials. These highly lucrative audiences are using social to drive inspiration for their next trip as well as to inform where they will book their stay. To capture the attention of this audience – which has a strong disdain for traditional advertising – it’s becoming ever critical that hotels stand out on social. So, where does a hotel start? To drive success, a hotel must develop social programs and supporting engaging content that will truly connect with these younger audiences.”

Brandon presents us with a social guide designed for hotels just getting started with social media and for those that already have an active presence. In this guide, he describes actions hotels can take on social media to engage with the younger traveler audience to increase brand awareness.

To read the full article by Brandon published in HotelExecutive, click here.

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