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      The client wanted to launch a brand campaign and own an emotional territory that defines the experience.

      Wightlink is in the entertainment business. That means they’re competing against popular gaming consoles and streaming platforms, as people are spending more time online than in the real world.


      We’ve never been more connected than right now. But we’ve also never been more disconnected. The more time we’re spending online, the less time we’re spending connecting. Our choice of entertainment is eroding away at the quality time we spend together.


      Bringing People Together. We launched a brand film showing a family struggling to connect with their child. The father uses the son’s gaming interest in wizards and dragons to create an unforgettable adventure with Wightlink, bringing the family together.


      • 1,856,830 Video views
      • 92.15% Uplift in web visits
      • 17,912 Total clicks
      • 20,565 Web visits
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