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When the governor declared a state of emergency and travel restrictions were implemented, Travel Texas turned to us for immediate solutions. Our team had been monitoring the development of the COVID-19 crisis, and we were well-prepared to jump into action with a crisis communication road map to guide the client through the full crisis all the way to recovery. Across public relations and social media, we reallocated our existing budget and pivoted to a strategy that would generate positive media attention and social media engagement and, ultimately, encourage travel inspiration to drive conversions when the time was right.


From our research, we understood that the recovery process would take place in phases, identified as: Wait, Ready, Set, Go. We understood that in the initial phases, Americans sheltering at home needed an emotional escape – be it armchair travel, simple recipes and other types of engaging, shareable content. It was essential for us to create campaigns that would resonate during this unprecedented time and also drive forward a momentum that would keep Texas top of mind.

For the Wait and Ready phases, we identified that honing in on Texas pride was a perfect starting point to launch community-focused concepts on a national level. We created a series of campaigns to communicate the stories of Texas while bringing some much-needed inspiration and entertainment to key partners and consumers.

Gardenuity Care Packages
Our PR team sourced taco-topping gardening kits from Gardenuity (a Texas-based company), which were mailed to top-tier national and regional media. These included at-home taco recipes and quotes from local chefs. Our goal with these “surprise and delight” packages was to share the flavors of Texas while tapping into the desire for simple, hands-on activities at home.

Promotional Gardenuity care packages featuring 'Taco Toppings Garden' kits, designed to bring a touch of Texas springtime into homes, encouraging culinary exploration and connection with nature. User sharing their positive experience with a Gardenuity garden kit on social media, expressing excitement about nurturing their own taco toppings garden and connecting it to memories of Texas.

Virtual Taco Tuesdays
On IGTV and Facebook, we took over the concept of #TacoTuesdays with a weekly taco-making video series featuring local chefs and ingredients from around the state. These videos were designed to honor Texas’ culinary heritage while supporting local businesses. To further support local communities, all posts included a CTA to the Texas Restaurant Association Relief Fund.

Social media posts from Travel Texas featuring a #TacoTuesday event with a chef demonstrating how to make grilled chicken tacos, aiming to bring the taste of Texas into homes during quarantine."

Community Focus
We amplified our social content calendar with #TexasToDoSoon, a series of virtual Texas experiences and activities. By sharing inspirational images and inviting others to join the conversation, we were able to elevate the destination’s essential moments and hidden gems.

Travel Texas promoting safety during the COVID-19 pandemic with messages encouraging Texans to stay home, practice social distancing, and wash hands, set against a backdrop of Texas bluebonnets.


Our crisis communications strategy was a resounding success from both a social and public relations perspective. The Taco Tuesday social media initiative resulted in over 1.2 million social impressions and 21 million media impressions. The campaign was covered positively by media in top-tier outlets such as Buzzfeed, Travel + Leisure and Food & Wine, two of which were feature articles. Our promoted #TacoTuesday post had the third most engagements of all shared content around this hashtag over the course of the month.

Additionally, we achieved our goal of raising awareness and sharing positivity to key industry influencers:

  • “And rest assured, I’ll be getting to Texas the soonest I can (and I know our readers will, too)!” – Corina Quinn, City Guides Editor of Condé Nast Traveler
  • “I know PR folks and DMOs are really struggling right now to figure out what to do when people can’t actually travel anywhere, and this was just really thoughtful.” – Ashlea Halpern, Freelancer at AFAR and Condé Nast Traveler
  • “It was really a nice way to spend some time outside and learn a bit about gardening/the taco scene in TX.” – Celine Bossart, Freelancer at, Dujour, Business Insider, Delish

1.2 Million Impressions on #TacoTuesday Social Content

21 Million Media Impressions on Taco Tuesday Coverage

8 Organic Social Media Posts from Top-Tier Journalist

Promotional material for Travel + Leisure featuring an article on the best chefs in Texas sharing weekly Taco Tuesday recipes, accompanied by a screenshot of a Travel Texas promotional video on social media and a Food & Wine magazine snippet about enhancing Taco Tuesday with recipes from renowned Texas chefs."

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