This Month in Social Media: January 2019 Edition


It’s difficult to stay up to speed when the social media landscape is constantly shifting and being shaped – we get it! That’s why we provide our partners with a This Week in Social Media (TWISM) e-newsletter. In our weekly newsletters, we share with our client partners the biggest news and insights from the social media world each week. Below, we’ve compiled six of the best social media updates from our TWISM newsletters below in our What’s New in Social Media: January 2019 Edition.

  • Rising Video App TikTok is Already Testing Ads: The rapidly growing video app TikTok is emerging as a new key platform for younger users, melding the viral nature of Vine with an advanced range of additional features and tools. Now looking to enable advertisers to tap into the app’s massive youth appeal, TikTok could quickly divert advertising budgets away from platforms such as Snapchat.
  • A First Look at Twitter’s New Beta App and Its Bid to Remain ‘Valuable and Relevant’: Twitter launched a new beta program this month, where a select group of users will get access to new platform features by way of a stand-alone app. Twitter, in turn, will use data that it picks up from that usage and chatter to decide how and if to turn those tests into full-blown product features for the rest of its user base.
  • Twitter’s Working on New Event and Audience Analytics Tools, Updated Desktop Layout: Twitter revealed two new analytics tools to help brands better understand trending conversations and how to best connect with audiences. The two new features are an events dashboard, highlighting major events and breaking news and insights into the amount of activity related to those, and a new activity tracker under the Insights tab that highlights when your audience is most active on the platform. Additionally, the platform is testing a new layout on desktop that includes a data saver mode, bookmarks and night mode.
  • Instagram Adds New Music Sharing Option, Question Stickers to Live: Facebook has found yet another way to utilize its music licensing agreements with a new Instagram Stories option that enables users to share songs with friends via the question sticker. At the same time, Instagram has also announced a new way to interact within Live videos, with question stickers now available during the broadcast. The option will make live videos look more professional, allowing broadcasters and brands to choose a featured question rather than leaving questions within the comment stream.
  • Facebook Adds New Option to Create Dynamic Ads in Multiple Languages: Facebook’s taken another step in the direction of creating a borderless community, adding automatic translations for ads. The language that will be displayed is relative to the viewing users’ preferences and region.
  • LinkedIn Adds Interest Targeting: LinkedIn began allowing marketers to target advertisements based on user interests this month. The list of about 200 targeted “interests” is now found in Campaign Manager, which allows marketers to create ad accounts and includes words and terms such as “artificial intelligence,” “global economy” and “customer service.”

Stay tuned for next month’s updates!