Listening between the lines in social media

When industry leaders want to stay on top of the trends, they turn to the experts at MMGY Global. Brandon Billings, vice president of social media & content strategy, explained to Hotel Executive readers why social listening is such a valuable tool for understanding and engaging with current and prospective hotel customers.

Hotel owners and operators, general managers and other senior executives benefit from knowledge that we’ve gathered across a number of clients – including hospitality, cruising and destinations. Social listening, writes Billings, can reveal authentic insights by analyzing what people are talking about on social media, blogs, forums, reviews and new sites. It’s not just who is talking about your brand, but who isn’t engaging with it. By examining emotional triggers, we can create a richer understanding of audience segments while unveiling new potential audiences. Ultimately, it can help inform how your social media and marketing campaigns should be crafted around their positions in the purchasing funnel. 

In his Hotel Executive piece, Billings outlines a winning strategy to get the most out of social listening. Read more to learn how to choose the right platform, how social media experts interpret the data, and how that information can be tailored to successful hotel marketing and packaging opportunities. 

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