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We’re Listening to Travelers. So What Happens Next?

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    We’re Listening to Travelers.

    Through social listening tools, we can capture real-time snapshots of what people are talking about online. Marketers must make the leap between insights and action. 

    The travel and hospitality industry has been on the front lines of the pandemic – and the impact has been both swift and enduring. Similarly, social media is the first space that people turn to in a crisis. So when we turn to social listening dashboard reporting, we’re not just looking for essential insights into what audiences are saying online – we’re also looking at why it’s happening and consider how we can respond in a timely, empathetic and effective manner.

    In the early days of the pandemic in the U.S., the travel industry came to a screeching halt as borders were slammed shut and attractions shuttered. Social media was flooded by negative sentiments around travelers scrambling for refunds and postponing plans with unclear direction. By identifying the root of these issues in real time, we were able to guide our clients on the best strategies to overcome negative feedback and bring those sentiments back up to a neutral or positive level. 

    We created customized social listening dashboards for several clients, paying close attention to the language and emotions being conveyed on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and Facebook as well as pulling in traveler reviews from sites such as TripAdvisor. While fear and anxiety were certainly dominant, we also noticed something interesting emerging: a growing desire to travel again. Once we captured evidence of this pent-up demand – and had our finger on the pulse of what kind of experiences people were looking for – we were in a strong position to guide our clients once again. We were able to inspire people to dream about traveling again, to fulfill their need for something to look forward to and, ultimately, to instill confidence to book their future vacations again.   

    This kind of insight is more than a snapshot of what’s happening in the digital space right now. It is valuable, organic intelligence around cultural sentiments that empowers us to make forward-thinking decisions to put our clients in the best position as we weather the crisis together. 

    How can a custom, flexible social listening dashboard help your brand? 

    Measuring Health

    Analyze all of the fundamental metrics such as volume trends, sentiment, top insights, sources and domains.

    Crisis Tracking

    Obtain an executive snapshot to measure your brand’s health, marketplace position and overall equity.

    Customer Care

    Measure the performance of your brand’s quality assurance and customer care via a one-stop shop.

    Time-Over-Time Comparison

    Create a side-by-side look at multiple time periods for comparison.   

    Influencer Analysis

    Quickly monitor and analyze the impact of known influencers and/or detractors.

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