Uber Pledges To Be Leader In Sexual Assault Prevention

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    Uber announced a $5 million commitment to partner with the leading sexual assault prevention organizations to start making cultural changes internally and using their scope of visibility to drive awareness, education and prevention. Uber sought to build on this commitment within the travel and transportation industry by bringing together influential industry representatives for a closed-door event. Their goals were to create a coalition of leaders to ideate and enact change, and to reinforce Uber’s own pledge to be a leader in sexual assault prevention within the industry. We brought Uber’s idea to life at the Travel and Transportation Industry Gathering, a foundational first step for Uber to establish themselves as a company learning from their past and making positive changes for the future of their organization and industry.


    We leveraged experts throughout our company to create an event bringing together leaders within the industry to listen, learn and enact change.

    We strategized with Uber on the event’s positioning related to women’s safety and used our connections to media and influencers who care deeply about the issue to confirm Travel + Leisure as the event partner and moderator and bring in two panelists for the discussion.

    Our experiential team worked with vendors, Uber and our creative team to handle all logistics pre- and post-event, with Travel + Leisure as the event partner and moderator.

    Our research and insights team used their expertise in the travel and tourism market to conduct a customer survey of over 1,500 travelers to clarify how safety, sexual assault and harassment impact travel behaviors and decisions. We presented our findings at the event.

    We created a look and feel for the event that emphasized simplicity, allowing speakers, panelists and collaborative learning to take the spotlight. Visuals of travel scenarios, cinemagraphs and animated statistics used a color palette featuring teal for Sexual Assault Awareness Month.


    We hosted 47 executives from the world’s largest travel companies, surpassing our goal of 30, as well as six speakers in the sexual assault prevention and travel spaces, and 19 Uber representatives, including the CEO and COO. The event created a united coalition of leaders who stood together in solidarity and rallied behind Uber’s goal of ensuring all populations feel empowered to move about the world safely and freely. The event proudly propelled their goal into action and created a powerful jumping-off point for Uber and their industry as a whole.

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