Team San Jose

Website Launches to Bring New Brand and Generate Leads

  • Brand Positioning
    • Marketing Technology
      • User Experience Design
      • User Generated Content


    When Team San Jose developed a new consumer brand identity, Visit San Jose, they wanted an updated website to highlight their refreshed focus. In partnership with their creative agency, we were tasked with architecting, developing and deploying the site in conjunction with the brand announcement


    We used the Drupal platform, which provides a flexible and user-friendly open-source solution that allows for easier support and third-party integrations, to design the refreshed To draw users in, we revamped the video and image galleries, incorporating user-generated images and ambient video throughout. We created dedicated pages for each neighborhood with content focused on those areas, and we incorporated an event API for a dynamic feed of the events happening around San Jose.


    • 314% Increase In Email Signups
    • 85% Increase In Partner Referrals
    • 16% Reduction In Bounce Rate YOY
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