Transforming a Brand Portfolio For a New Saudi

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          With the rebirth of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a more modern, liberal and welcoming place for the world, its travel businesses needed to regenerate too. Al Tayyar Group, the largest travel services group in Said for over 40 years, was undergoing a complete commercial transformation. To drive this, it required a complete brand strategic overhaul with a new purpose, identity and name. Their full portfolio, including the largest OTA in the Kingdom, also sought a new brand identity and strategy to be aligned with the group’s efforts.


          Inspired by the name “Seera,” which means “journey” in Arabic, we completely transformed the brand portfolio to be a symbol of change rather than a change of symbol. Based on the hopes and dreams of what travel could do for everyone in the Kingdom, we developed the new Seera brand mantra: “Imagine where travel could take you.” This new portfolio brand leader was supported by five key SBU consumer-facing brands all needing a new brand strategy, identity and new launch effort.


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