San Francisco Travel Association

One Campaign, Four Countries Yields 70% Increase in Estimated Economic Impact

  • Integrated Planning
    • Social Media


      In order to expand San Francisco Travel Association’s digital presence in international markets, our goals were to boost web traffic and estimated economic impact through a paid social media campaign. Target markets were India, the UK, Mexico and Brazil, and we selected Facebook as our social platform.


      By leveraging our global partner agencies in the Travel Consul network, we were able to identify regional need periods and other nuances between each market. We created flexible, evergreen ad campaigns and tailored them to each region, including Spanish- and Portuguese-language translations.


      With 148.2 million impressions and 70% year-over-year increase in estimated economic impact, this was a wildly successful campaign. “MMGY has been an incredible partner in helping to promote San Francisco and expand our global audience across several different international markets and cultural nuisances. We wouldn’t have been able to do this so successfully without tapping into MMGY’s marketing expertise and the Travel Consul.” – Dan Rosenbaum, Director, Global Digital Marketing, San Francisco Travel Association.

      • 148.2 million impressions
      • 11.3 million URL clicks
      • +327% YoY landing page views
      • 101:1 ROI
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