Bahrain Tourism & Exhibitions Authority

Extending A Warm Welcome To The U.K. Winter Market

  • Communication Planning
    • Advertising Campaigns
      • Integrated Planning
        • Public Relations


          The Kingdom of Bahrain planned to leverage its new global brand platform to drive visitor numbers across Europe, starting with the U.K. market. The goal was to own the European winter sun market while building its brand position as a more welcoming, down-to-earth destination compared to some of its competitors.


          We created the “Always Warmer” campaign platform – a Pan-European campaign to highlight the warmth of the welcome from the people of Bahrain and the winter sun experience. Working with new tour operators, influencers and media partners we created a multichannel digital, PR and targeted digital outdoor strategy focusing on the five pillars of experiences within Bahrain. This included live weather-focused digital advertising triggered by live ‘bad’ weather metrics.  The campaign was supercharged by targeted digital experience centers that created tailored trip itineraries. Its success has since made it a three-year campaign (and counting).


          • 37% increase in U.K. visitors to Bahrain
          • 26 new tour operators featuring and selling Bahrain
          • 278 articles, generating a total PR value of £4.7 million and a total circulation of 1.3 billion
          • Grown incremental arrivals to Bahrain by +30%
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